A message from Caroline Lyons, Club President, 2020/21.

What a great honour it is to be elected the first woman President of Highfield RFC !

Over the years we have had some remarkable people carry out this role with the utmost dignity, hopefully this year I can do the same and follow in the footsteps of all the past presidents before me

I only need to look back to last season and hope to emulate my predecessor President Mark Franklin whose term was unfortunately cut short, as Rugby and indeed we all had to come to grip with Covid 19.

As I write the Covid 19 Situation is growing more positive everyday and the outlook both for one’s health and indeed getting back to playing the game of Rugby.

Here in Highfield RFC we have appointed Vincent O ‘Sullivan our new Club Covid 19 Safety Officer who with his team of compliance officers have helped Highfield Rfc return to rugby.

I am extremely proud to have Fintan back as Club Captain for my year as President he and his players have some unfinished business from last season’s abrupt ending, where they put us up among the best in Ireland, it is a measure of the man that his fellow players voted him back in as captain again this year … I wish him, his teammates, team manager Conor Quaid and his backroom staff all the best for this coming season.

The mini and youths section continues to flourish and as we all know this is the life blood of all our clubs I wish you the best for the season , to the U-20’s , J1’s minors and all our players we look forward to watching you again this season .

To our Sponsors, we continue to be extremely grateful for your support, we could not operate without your support, I urge all members to support our sponsors and invest in them as they invested in us.

Our club is highly dependent on the many volunteers who contribute highly to the running of it, from managing, coaching. office work etc I thank you.

The biggest achievement from all our sponsors and volunteers has been the building of our new Gym, coming from the pushing and passion of past President Sam Godsell, we at Highfield are immensely proud of our clubhouse, Gym and other facilities.

These times have made us realise how much we rely on Rugby as an outlet in our day to day lives and how much we miss our Club,

I urge you to look out for your fellow members and support your club as much as you can especially through what is sure to be a quite different season ahead.

On behalf of myself and all our members I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our visitors, sponsors, match officials, visiting teams etc. I hope you enjoy the hospitality of Highfield RFC.

This year I look forward to working alongside of newly elected vice-President Frank Cooper , Frank has a long association with Highfield RFC , he has had the honour of being captain and coach to our senior team .I wish him all the best for the coming year .

I hope you all walk with me as we head into the unknown for this season,

Caroline Lyons
President Highfield R.F.C.