Using the Smart Membership System

If you are renewing your membership, then you can renew online using the Smart Club Cloud system, which interfaces directly with our internal club membership database. First you will need a login username and password. If we have an email address for you, then these will be sent automatically to you. Otherwise you must contact the club office to get your email address updated on our club membership database.

If you have your username/password you can go directly to the login page.

When you login you will be provided with a dashboard view which will include some or all of the following options:

The profile option is where you can update your personal details such as address, telephone numbers, email addresses etc. When you have completed these tasks you should SAVE CHANGES.

The finance option is where you can select invoices to pay. (An invoice is raised for membership fees). Select the invoice you wish to pay, select the pay invoices button and fill in the payment details. If your profile has the correct information, you can select to use that information in filling out the credit card details. You will receive an email acknowledgement of the payment once the payment is processed.

If you have a Smart card (for your bar discount at the club) then you can top up your card using the Top up option. Select your smart card as the purse, and top up as required.

If you have Husband/Wife membership, you can update details for your spouse in the memberships tab.

You can let us know your communication preferences by selecting your choices in the preferences tab. You can also access documents made available from time to time by the club.