Club membership

This page explain how to join Highfield Rugby Football Club as a playing or a non-playing member. It also explains how to renew existing memberships each year.

- New Youth/Mini Registrations

- All membership renewals

- Adult Player transfers to Highfield

Membership renewals

Each year, during the months of July and August, all existing members of the club will receive a renewal notice. The notice includes details of your existing membership, a link to allow you to manage the data the Club has stored relating to your membership, and a quick link which makes it easy for you to pay your subscription. If you have not received this notice by mid-August, it may be we do not have the correct email contact for you.

If this is the case, Adult memberships should email

Youth/Mini/Family memberships should email

If you have previously renewed online you can login to your account at if your know your club userid and password. (and if you do not, contact us and we will send it to you).

Adult Player transfers

Players who have current registration with another club in Ireland and who wish to transfer to Highfield RFC, must complete an Inter Club Transfer form. Caroline Lyons (Player registration officer), will assist with the completion of the form and will assist in having your old club sign the release. The transfer form is available for the link below.

Link to the IRFU Adult Inter club transfer form (Updated 2019)

Transfer forms - inter-union

If you are currently registered with another club outside of Ireland, then you will need an International Rugby Board release to play in Ireland. A copy of the form is available below. Caroline Lyons (Player registration officer) will help you complete your transfer. Once the transfer is approved the player is clear to register with and Irish club. The Overseas player registration form and Visiting player profile must be completed and presented in person at the provencial office (in our case at the Munster Brnach office in Cork - Irish Independent Park).

Link to the IRB Inter Union transfer form

Overseas Players registration form

Visiting Player Profile